Friday, July 15, 2005

Pacific Poker Promotion - $75 Cash from me

Ok, here's the gig. If you sign up withPacific Pokerthrough this link and deposit $100 and play 1 raked hand, I'll paypal or neteller you $75, cash. Period. this is not a "bonus" through Pacific, this is cash from my Paypal or Neteller account.

I'll need your Pacific Username and email address to confirm with Pacific Poker. And, I'll need your method of payment (paypal or neteller).

Sounds easy, right?

Step 1: Open a Pacific Poker through this link. You must be a NEW Real Money Player through Pacific Poker.
Step 2: Deposit $100
Step 3: Play 1 raked hand
Step 4: Send Email to: with:
- Pacific Username and email address you signed up with
- Method of payment
Step 5: Get $75 in your Paypal/Neteller account!

Please allow me two weeks to verify your information with Pacific. Email me with questions

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