Friday, September 02, 2005

Free 300 Set of Nevada Jacks Ceramic Poker Chips

Poker Source Online is offering a 300 piece set of Nevada Jacks ceramic chips for signing up for one of these poker rooms:
Absolute Poker
Titan Poker
Party Poker
Pacific Poker[/b]

The set retails for $200 on, but you can get it through PSO for free. Pretty sweet deal.

If you do sign up, throw a little love my way and tell them you were referred by demoflauchy.

Poker Source Online

Click above, then click on the Nevada Jacks banner. You'll be asked to create a new account with PSO, do that and then begin your promo. Good stuff.

Good luck![/b]

Crazy, Hurricane, and Worst street?

Haven't posted in a while because things have been crazy lately. Wedding two weeks ago, Hurricane affecting my wife's hometown (Hattiesburg), and countless other things... HOpefully it'll slow a bit.

Can I just say that I'm am sick to my stomach with all that is happening in New Orleans. I cannot stop watching the news, and cannot get over how brutal it is down there. I'm reminded of the book I read in High School, "Lord of the Flies". Amazing how in a spam of 24 hours how primitive that area has become, and how "strong" our nations resolve has been obliterated.

Played some new poker the past few days, Titan poker. Feels a lot like Absolute to me, and actually has some really good players online. The first 3 hours I played, I lost 35% of my bankroll due to HORRIBLE play by yours truely. I was catching ZERO cards/flops. I check out my stats at one point yesterday and saw:
Hands won - 1% (1)
Flops seen - 17%
Fold pre-flop - 85%

I cannot tell you how miserable it was seeing 8-2o, 9-4o, J-7o for 3 hours. It just reeked of misery.

Last night and this morning was a totally different story. I was catching good cards, and seeing great flops. At one $100/NL table, in a stretch of about 50 hands I got these hands:

AA - board - 78AK2 --- doubled up against the guy with pocket 8's....ouch.

AA - board - JA448 -- doubled up against the guy with a flush.

K7 (BB) - board - K7Kxx -- made $10-15 on this hand.

K4 (SB) - board - KKKJ8 -- made $40 on the guy trying to make me think he had the other K....ooops :D

AQ - board - K-10-Jxx -- flopped the nuts again.

Countless other AQ, QQ, AJ, A10 hands that lead me to quadruple my buyin. It was nice.

One painful hand I has was 10-10 on the button. Preflop, MP raises to $4, 2 callers (including myself). Flop cane 4-6-7. EP bet $4, MP raised to $12. So $12 to me with top pair, but a straight draw is on the table. I fold here because EP bet out on the flop indicating 2 over cards. He gets reraised by MP whom I'm guessing has a top pair or something (QQ, JJ). The turn is my 10, MP fires another large bet, and EP calls. River is the other 10. MP flips up 99 for two pair.

Argh, I folded quads! Did I do anything wrong? This is where my tightness cost me a good amount of cash.

Throughout my time at Titan, I began to wonder what the weakest street of my game was, and I realized that it's the River card that I get in the most problems with:
- raise too much
- not betting enough
- check when betting would win it
- missing flushes, and etc.

Unless I have a really good hand, I have a really hard time getting folks to lay down their hands on the river....or worse....laying mine down on the river.

Any advice?