Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So much for the "challenge"

Playing with that $10 free from Titan, I increased my bankroll to $72 at one point. This evening I ran into three things:

1. Miserable 1 outer that dropped me from $72 to $39.
2. 6 Max table tonight, everyone left except the big stack and me. So I decided to play heads up for a bit until the table filled back up. BAD IDEA. I dropped $20 of my stack to the big stack (hmmm, I wonder how he got the big stack), and was left with $19 when 4 players sat down to fill the table.
3. Last and not least, AKs in the BB. I raise to $4. MP reraises to $16, puts me all in. I call. I hit a K on the flop, but that doesn't help against AA. Blah!

Just like that, $70 free bones down the drain.

Back to grinding out my UB PSO promo....yes, GRINDING. I'm up, then down, then up, then down, then up... So it goes.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger chipper said...

Never give up on your challenges, one big set back hurts ya, but ya gotta get up, clean off the blood and get back in there!!!

I too am trying to turn that $10 free Titan money into something. I've been up and down too but not dead yet. I have just $6 of that left but as long as they let me buy into a game I'm still in it.

GL on the grinding. They call it a grind for a reason. Use that time to hone your skills and sharpen your game.


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