Thursday, December 01, 2005

Casino Bonus fun - Free $200 to wager with at

I found out about this on the PSO forums a few minutes ago, and is working like a charm. aka Casino-on-Net is offering a 100% signup bonus up to $200 that will immediately be deposited into your account.

Sign up here (even if you've had a pacific poker account, you can still do this).
Click on the banner for 100% up to $200
Deposit $200
Play ONE hand of blackjack for $1
Withdraw you $199 back to your credit card or Neteller account.
Wait 5-7 days to make sure that your Neteller deposit has cleared.
Log back into and you'll have $200 in your account.

Now, the caveat is that you CANNOT withdraw that $200 until you've wagered 20x or 50x (depending on how you deposit money) of that bonus....


You can withdraw any amount you win over $200.

So if you wager $50 on blackjack, and win.... You can withdraw that $50 into Neteller and still have the $200 left in your account to wager with.

If you want to read up about it, check out this post at PSO :

I'd appreciate you signing upthrough me should you do so.

Thanks and good luck!


At 9:30 AM, Blogger chipper said...

I went over to PSO and read that thread but can't help but shake my head and wonder why an online casino would do that. Seems that ploy would be -EV for them. Sure, its virtual funny money to them but a fair number of players will win and cash out. The losers will simply blow all that free money and cash out as well.

I'm a bit skeptical, but I do know there is some money to be had playing BlackJack. Afterall, I did turn $4 into $50 on Party Poker playing BlackJack so I know it can be done.

Roll the dice I suppose, try to win big early and cash it out!


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