Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Junk Snail Mail

So I've been getting a lot of junk mail at work these days, and have decided to fight back a bit.

Yesterday, I got 5 credit card offers from the same company, all addressed to different people. So I took each offer, shredded the application, and stuffed the shredded application back into the "return envelope". It wasn't pretty as there was tons of shreds hanging out of the envelope, but the great thing is that the credit card company has to pay for these letters because they have pre-authorized it with the return envelope.

The great thing is that they'll have no clue who it's coming from.

I hate all junk mail, but via the internet and the post office.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Free Money promotion

Instant Bankroll just added a new room to their site that gives you $75 cash to try out poker. They added Titan poker, and I can attest that Titan is a great place to make some money.

No deposit.
No credit Card.
No risk.

Just sign up here and you're on your way to $75 in cash.

The guys at PSO continue to rock with their promotions.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WSOP Replica chips

Getting ready to finish my Poker Source Online promo with UB (read: pita), and will be getting an Amex gift card so that I can purchase these WSOP replica chips.

Anyway, if you're interested in buying some, better get in quick. The current pricing for these Chipcos (under $.75/chip) won't last for much longer. www.bostonpokerchips.com (or go to chiptalk.net)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So much for the "challenge"

Playing with that $10 free from Titan, I increased my bankroll to $72 at one point. This evening I ran into three things:

1. Miserable 1 outer that dropped me from $72 to $39.
2. 6 Max table tonight, everyone left except the big stack and me. So I decided to play heads up for a bit until the table filled back up. BAD IDEA. I dropped $20 of my stack to the big stack (hmmm, I wonder how he got the big stack), and was left with $19 when 4 players sat down to fill the table.
3. Last and not least, AKs in the BB. I raise to $4. MP reraises to $16, puts me all in. I call. I hit a K on the flop, but that doesn't help against AA. Blah!

Just like that, $70 free bones down the drain.

Back to grinding out my UB PSO promo....yes, GRINDING. I'm up, then down, then up, then down, then up... So it goes.

How would you play this diff

Working off my Poker Source Online promotion at Ultimate Bet, and it's been up and down, up and down.

Here's a big reason it's been down.

NL $100 10 Max.

JediHog posts the small blind of $.50.
scrogfather posts the big blind of $1.

Kolonel-Kurtz: -- --
jcdougl: -- --
JediHog: Ad Qs
scrogfather: -- --
zzzzz5: -- --
golfish11: -- --
SEFT: -- --
TheBakester66: -- --
boggins: -- --
DirtyDeuces: -- --


zzzzz5 folds. golfish11 folds. SEFT folds.
TheBakester66 folds. boggins folds. DirtyDeuces
calls. Kolonel-Kurtz folds. jcdougl calls.
JediHog calls. scrogfather checks.

Flop (board: 7d Ts Ks):

JediHog checks. scrogfather bets $1. DirtyDeuces
folds. jcdougl calls. JediHog calls.

Turn (board: 7d Ts Ks Jh):

JediHog bets $7. scrogfather folds. jcdougl raises
to $14. JediHog re-raises to $49. jcdougl goes
all-in for $44.30. JediHog is returned $4.70

River (board: 7d Ts Ks Jh 7s):

(no action in this round)


JediHog shows Ad Qs.
JediHog has Ad Qs Ts Ks Jh: straight, ace high.
jcdougl shows Js 7c.
jcdougl has Js 7c 7d Jh 7s: full house, sevens full of jacks.

Hand #9173990-26793 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $95.60.
jcdougl wins $92.60 with full house, sevens full of jacks.

Is there anyway I could have played this differently outside of the preflop?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

$10 NL Challenge

One thing I LOVE about certain sites is that if you don't log in for "x" amount of days, they seed your account with some bonus cash, that allows you to play.

I got $10 from Titan today, and decided to hop online and try to see how much I could win.

I had to start at the $.20/NL tables b/c I didn't have enough to sit at my normal $.50/NL table. I promptly raised that $10 into $23 at the $.20 tables, then moved up to the $.50 tables and hit a set of fours to jump up to $37. So in about an hour, I went from $0 at Titan to $37. I'm now going to take that $37 and try something new with it.

Normally I'll stick to my low buy-in No Limit games...mainly the $50 max buy-in. But since this is free cash, I'm gonig to see how long I can make it last, and how many more levels I can progress up with it.

Here's the gig. When I get enough for the 75% of the next limit's buy-in, I'll go to that level. If I drop below the minimum buyin for that level, I'll drop down to the next level.

So I started at $.10/.20 with $10
I'm now at $.25/.50 with $37
Next level is $.50/$1 which has a max buy-in of $100. So when I get to $75, I'll move up to this level.
The Next level will be $1/2 with a max buyin of $200. So when I get to $150, I'll move up.

I have no idea how far I can make $10 go, but I'd expect to get up to the $.50/1 at least, and maybe to the $1/2.

Anyone want to join me in this challenge? How many levels can you turn $10 into?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Poker Questionaire

High On Poker had a suggestion to answer some questions about poker.

Here goes:

1. What is your favorite poker game to play? NL Hold'Em Ring Games

2. What is your favorite non-poker gambling game to play? BlackJack

3. What is your favorite casino? The Black Door

4. What is your favorite online casino/card room? Absolute

4. Who is your top three favorite poker players? Brunson, Ivey, Gus Hanson

5. What poker player best emulates your style? I'm not that good....yet :)

6. What poker player's style would you most like to have? Brunson

7. If you could play poker with any 5 professional poker players, living or dead, who would they be? Johnny Chan, Brunson, Ivey, Hanson, and Helmuth (so I could lay the smackdown on him ;)

8. If you could play poker with any 5 people (who do not play poker professionally), living or dead, who would they be? Darth Vader, Yoda, The Rainman, Aaragorn (LOTR), and.... hmmm,,,, Winston Churchill

9. How often do you play poker? Once or twice a week onlin, Once or twice a month live

10. Which do you prefer: live poker or online poker, and why? Live poker. Way more fun. Real cards, chips, tables, people. Conversation without spaces between foul language, bluffing.

11. Which do you prefer: tournaments or cash games, and why? Live I like to play tourneys. I have too high a value on money, and thus tourneys are easier for me to disconnect the money I'm "risking". Online I like to play ring games....because they clear bonuses faster :)

11. What is your favorite poker book? Don't read'em.

12. Describe the following in one word:

a. Limit Texas Hold'em- Boring

b. No Limit Texas Hold'em- Money

c. Stud- poker

d. Omaha- not-smart-enough

e. 5-Card Draw- Westerns

f. Crazy Pineapple- luck


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Effing Tilt

10 Man $.50/NL table at wonderful UB.

I'm not catching jack-shit all night, but am still at break even.

Tilt Hand 1.

KK in middle position. bet is $2.50 to me, I reraise to $5. Get two players, one goes over the top of me for $1.40 more and is all in, I call.


Player 1 turns up Ax for quads
Player 2 turns up 56s

.... I'm not too pissed after this, because it wasn't that much money... I'm only down $10 or so on the hand. Move on.

3 hands later, I get A9s on the button. Raise to $2 preflop, get two callers.

Flop is 9d 6d 9h

I check, Player 1 bets $2, I reraise to $5, player 2 folds, player 1 calls.

Turn 5d

Player 1 bets $8, I reraise allin to $30+. He thinks, and calls.


Dude flips up a freaking Qd Jh for the rivered four-flush.

I'm so effing pissed. Good grief, jack-ass play like this is what sends me to bed on a fun night of poker.

Rant over, I'm done for the night....I'd lose my whole bankroll if I log back in.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Ultimate Bet

So I finally bucked up and started playing at UB. It's one of the two rooms I've not yet done that PSO offers. I've got the day off, so I played a little this morning while the kids were napping (3 year old, 1 year old), and got my ass handed to me.

I think it's the "new room" effect where you have to get used to the graphics, players, and etc. Anyway, quickly lost 1/3 of my bankroll.

This place reminds me of Full Tilt with the quality of players. Need to regroup, and get back on the winning side...